What is it?

Famoustache comes from our love of experimenting with emerging frontend technologies. They allow digital makers to really push the envelope with in-browser 3D rendering, 2D graphics animation on canvas, audio manipulation and damn realistic digital moustache grooming.

Behind the scene

Each moustache is made up of hundreds of hair, each of which we have managed to animate. To make the natural movement of each one possible, every hair has its own skeleton made up of numerous β€˜bones’.


To generate the moustaches in the simplest way, we created an editor which allowed us to easily create different moustaches with minimal clicks and to export the settings.

Page transitions

We used a canvas to create transitions between pages. We created the animation frame per frame by masking 2 images, one with the final image (shaving foam) and one with the mask image (dissolve effect).

Final result

Kind of like Lego, we put all the pieces together and added audio to accompany each moustache to complete the experience.


  • Alberto Parziale
  • Michael Genesini
  • UX/UI
  • Lorenzo Berte